Migration guide

Follow this guide to upgrade from one major version to the other.

Upgrading from v6 to v7

Sentry SDK dependencies updated from v6 to v7. Please read about breaking changes in Sentry SDK's Upgrading from v6.x to v7.x document.

Some of the breaking changes listed in that document are automatically handled by the module and don't need any action. Other notable changes that might require action are:

  • The @sentry/tracing dependency should be uninstalled, regardless whether tracing option is used or not.
  • The whitelistUrls and blacklistUrls Sentry config (or clientConfig / serverConfig) options have been renamed to allowUrls and denyUrls.
  • The Vue integration was removed as is now merged into the Sentry Browser SDK. If you have been passing custom Vue options through the clientIntegrations.Vue object then those can now be merged directly into the clientConfig option (without the parent Vue key).
  • The UserAgent integration was renamed to HttpContext. If you have been passing custom configuration to that integration through clientIntegrations option then you should rename the key.
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