Notifying Sentry of a release enables auto discovery of which commits to associate with a release and identifies what we consider "the most recent release" when searching in

See Sentry's Releases for additional information.


Follow the following steps to create and publish releases to Sentry.

  1. Install the @sentry/webpack-plugin@2 package as a dev dependency.
  2. Enable the publishRelease option. Follow the link for mode detailed explanation of available options.

Releases will only be published during nuxt build.

Error handling

On error during publishing, the build will be interrupted. If you would instead want to ignore errors during publishing, you can modify the behavior by customizing the publishRelease.errorHandler option. For example, the following configuration will post a warning to the console instead of interrupting the build:

    sentry: {
        publishRelease: {
            // other options...
            errorHandler(error) {
                console.error(`Sentry Release Error: ${error.message}`);
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