Session Replay

Session Replay helps you get to the root cause of an error or latency issue faster by providing you with a video-like reproduction of what was happening in the user's browser before, during, and after the issue.


Session Replay comes as a separate integration that is not enabled by default. To enable it, add Replay: {} to the clientIntegrations option like so:

sentry: {
  dsn: '...',
  clientIntegrations: {
    Replay: {},
  clientConfig: {
    // This sets the sample rate to be 10%. You may want this to be 100% while
    // in development and sample at a lower rate in production
    replaysSessionSampleRate: 0.1,
    // If the entire session is not sampled, use the below sample rate to sample
    // sessions when an error occurs.
    replaysOnErrorSampleRate: 1.0,

You can customize integration options by passing them within the {} object.

Note that the replaysSessionSampleRate and replaysOnErrorSampleRate options are part of the global client options and not options of the Replay integration itself.

Refer to the Sentry documentation below to make sure that Content Security Policy (CSP) is configured properly for allowing Replay integration to do its work.


See Sentry's Session Replay pages for additional information.

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